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Thu Mar 10, 2011 12:50 am by WRL]Samael
I´ve been really bussy lately with real life stuff and Bidoux has anounced his retirement, so ill pause everything related to WRL for now. This is certainly not the end, but i cant keep running anything now.

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Rockstar Cup #3 shows a new face
Fri Jan 28, 2011 6:22 pm by WRL.Bidoux
Another successfully ran Rockstar Cup with an almost full grid of 15/16 players.

Participants of Rockstar Cup #3:

Russia Night Elf TyLoo.Nicker- Champion
France Night Elf LAG.TT.Saturn- Runner-up
Serbia Undead Ls.Virus
Bulgaria Human Floyd
Great Britain Night Elf DkH.Warchiefrich
Serbia Undead eW.Aramachus
France Human nE.Anima
Serbia Night Elf Spork
Brasil Undead Diego
France Night Elf YIP_MAN
Finland Night Elf LaG.TT.Touch
USA Human nE.Ocram
France Night Elf nE.CornoX
USA Undead eW.Gloryfades
Venezuela Random eW.DrunQ

Both finalists had a tough bracket to get to the finals, Russia Night Elf TyLoo.Nicker taking down Serbia Night Elf Spork, Finland Night Elf LaG.TT.Touch and USA Undead eW.Gloryfades. France Night Elf LaG.TT.Saturn taking down Serbia Undead Ls.Virus, Venezuela Random eW.DrunQ and countryman France Night Elf nE.CornoX. But his run fell short in 2 epic matches against Russia Night Elf TyLoo.Nicker on AZ and TS, in which the Champion Russia Night Elf TyLoo.Nicker took the series 2-0. He will be given a spot in our prized solo cup coming soon.

Samael and I would like to thank all the participants for attending the Cup and we look forward to seeing you again next week

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Aint Nothing but a Hound Dog
Tue Jan 25, 2011 7:22 pm by WRL]Samael

The 2nd Rockstar Cup kicked ass, we had some really awesome games and strong competition all over the tournament. In the end we had Croatia Orc Razzorman defeat France Night Elf Saturn with a clean 2-0, the 2nd man made an awesome tournament and gave us plenty entertaining games against none but Serbia Human Vidoque (WRL s3 MVP) and the also serbian Serbia Night Elf AJK. I strongly recomend watching Saturn-AJK. The other notable man was Serbia Night Elf Spork, who provided a challengue to the champion.

Bracket: http://www.bracketmaker.com/tlist.cfm?tid=385753

Check the replays section for some of the games. If you want to upload any other, the pass is acdc.

Gratz to Razzorman for earning the 2nd slot for our WSL (cuming soon biatches) and to everyone for making this community an awesome place.

Now, going to the important point, next Rockstar Cup info:

Friday 28th - 19 CET
YEA League Room 02

Once again, just contact me or post your info here to sing up

PS: Unless we reach a good amount of players BEFORE friday, the grid will only hold 16 players, so please sing up asap.

New Rule: Now its necesary to upload the replays to our database to repport da win, pass is acdc.

Signed up Players:

Serbia Undead Ls.Virus
Russia Orc eW.Savior
Lithuania Human eW.Crowjam
Bulgaria Human Floyd
World Undead Cechi7
Great Britain Night Elf DkH.Warchiefrich
Serbia Undead eW.Aramachus
France Night Elf LAG.TT.Saturn
France Human nE.Anima
Serbia Undead eW.Qlimax
Serbia Night Elf eW.AJK
Serbia Night Elf Spork
Bulgaria Orc CorruptSouls
Brasil Undead Diego
France Night Elf YIP_MAN
Finland Night Elf LaG.TT.Touch
USA Human nE.Ocram
France Night Elf nE.CornoX

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She´s like a Rainbow
Tue Jan 18, 2011 2:09 pm by WRL]Samael

WRL is oficially back, and this is nothing but the anouncement of the next Rockstar Cup, hopefully you guys had a wonderfull xmas and all of you are ready to rock n roll:

Time: This Sunday 23th, 13 EST / 19 CET
Place: YEA League Room 02
Fotmat: 64 Players Single Elimination with bo3 Finals
Prize: A slot in our upcoming solo league

Leave a post with your GGC ID, Country and Race to sing up (or just msg me), ill se you guys this sunday!

Signed up:

Finland Night Elf LaG.TT.Touch
Serbia Undead Ls.Virus
Great Britain Night Elf Warchiefrich
Peru Orc LaG.TT.Danger
USA Human LaG.TT.Cumuko
Serbia Night Elf Spork
Croatia Night Elf RAGE_HunagFeng
World Orc LaG.TT.Tox
Croatia Orc Party.Clubber
Serbia Orc Troops
Serbia Night Elf AjK
Sweeden Human Starshaped
Serbia Human Grinder

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WRL wishes ya a Rocking Xmas and a Rolling New Year!
Sat Dec 18, 2010 8:21 pm by WRL]Samael

WRL s3 finally came to an end, with the rising star Lawliet crushing Acidrain for the desicive point that gives RAGE the championship title. Gratz to RAGE for a well deserved victory and gratz to everyone who made this season epic and had fun during it.

Another season came to an end and i think you guys will be happy to know that im running another season next year... More details to come in January, but this is certainly not the end of WRL.

Regarding the Rockstar Cups, 2nd one was a total failure and we were unable to run it, but we will be organizing a weeklly one next year.

So, WRL will take a rest for now. Hope you guys had a great time with us during 2010, because 2011 will be even bigger.

Once again congratulations to RAGE E-Sports, see you guys soon.

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Mack wins Rockstar Cup #1
Fri Dec 10, 2010 4:15 pm by WRL]Samael

After many issues, we managed to hold the very first Rockstar Cup,and the spaniard star España Random Mack grabbed the gold from Israel Human Vall3y in the finals. Mack has earned a slot in our upcoming solo league and will be providing more awesome games for sure.

Bracket: http://www.bracketmaker.com/tlist.cfm?tid=382260

Once again congratulations to Mack and i apologyze to those who came on time for the original scheduled time and then didnt play the cup. Next one will be better organized for sure.

Sing up for Rockstar Cup #2 (Next Friday 13 EST / 19 CET) by repplying to this thread.

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Fri Dec 10, 2010 2:04 pm by WRL.Bidoux

Russia RAGE.eSports [RAGE] vs World Latest and Greatest Gaming [LaG]
12 EST // Yea League Room 02

Korea Night Elf RAGE.LawLiet [2-0] USA Human LaG.TT.AcidRain // Melting Valley

China Orc RAGE.Goblin [2-0] Finland Night Elf LaG.TT.Touch // Secret Valley

USA Undead RAGE.RSM [0-2] Peru Orc LaG.TT.Danger // Ancient Isles

China Undead RAGE.BoC.Bosuhe [1-2] Nederlands Night Elf LaG.TT.Sasuke // Amazonia

China Undead RAGE.BoC.Bosuhe & China Orc RAGE.Goblin [2-FF] USA Human LaG.TT.AcidRain & Canada Night Elf LaG.TT.Regret // Twisted Meadows


Russia RAGE [3-2] World LaG

MV series mutually postponed
World LaG sub in Nederlands Night Elf LaG.TT.Sasuke for Canada Night Elf LaG.TT.Regret

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