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 WRL wishes ya a Rocking Xmas and a Rolling New Year!

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PostSubject: WRL wishes ya a Rocking Xmas and a Rolling New Year!   Sat Dec 18, 2010 8:21 pm

WRL s3 finally came to an end, with the rising star Lawliet crushing Acidrain for the desicive point that gives RAGE the championship title. Gratz to RAGE for a well deserved victory and gratz to everyone who made this season epic and had fun during it.

Another season came to an end and i think you guys will be happy to know that im running another season next year... More details to come in January, but this is certainly not the end of WRL.

Regarding the Rockstar Cups, 2nd one was a total failure and we were unable to run it, but we will be organizing a weeklly one next year.

So, WRL will take a rest for now. Hope you guys had a great time with us during 2010, because 2011 will be even bigger.

Once again congratulations to RAGE E-Sports, see you guys soon.
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WRL wishes ya a Rocking Xmas and a Rolling New Year!
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