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 W8: DaT vs nG

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W8: DaT vs  nG Empty
PostSubject: W8: DaT vs nG   W8: DaT vs  nG EmptySat Feb 06, 2010 11:51 pm

Solo A

Player [<>] Player -- TR
Player [<>] Player -- AI

Solo B

Player [<>] Player -- MV
Player [<>] Player -- PI2


Player & Player [<>] Player& Player -- AV
Player & Player [<>] Player & Player --TM


Player [<>] Player -- EI
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W8: DaT vs  nG Empty
PostSubject: Re: W8: DaT vs nG   W8: DaT vs  nG EmptySun Feb 07, 2010 5:26 pm

ACE: USA Undead Mark > Canada Night Elf Regret (I believe it was regret, it was an elf)

TR / AI - Canada Undead Greedo 0-2 Canada Night Elf Regret (I believe)

MV / PI - Lithuania Human Crow 1-1 Canada Human Swarm

Crow lost MV, won PI

2s - USA Undead Mark + Lithuania Human Crow 2-0 USA Undead Baronfel + Canada Human Swarm

overall: DaT 4-3 nG

great games guys, looking forward to meeting you again
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W8: DaT vs nG
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