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 The 4 Horsemen

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PostSubject: The 4 Horsemen   The 4 Horsemen EmptySun Dec 20, 2009 11:02 pm

Hello guys, last week wars were pretty one sided: The Chile team got a free win against Ls with 5 maps being forfeited. USA sWc managed to crush Europe B5 with another 6-1 in order to keep soloing the 1st place of the table and USA DaT is just 1 point behind after beating World RoS with a great performance of Human Saddam (who is actually doing an exellent job), RoS only managed to take a point with Night Elf xiU doing some really pro KOTG harass on TM (probabbly Game of the Week). Just a few mins ago USA sC beated USA nG with another 6-1 to finish the week.

Week Wars:

USA sWc [6:1] World RoS - Sun 3pm EST
USA nG [7:F] World Ls - Sun 3pm EST
Europe B5 [F:7]USA DaT
USA MsY [4:3] Chile CH
USA sC vs España eTv


Solo A: Acient Isles / Plunder Isle
Solo B: Amazonia / Turtle Rock
Team: Goldshire / Turtle Rock
ACE: Melting Valley

Posponed War:

España eTv vs USA MsY - you guys have 7 days

Top 5 Players:

USA Human DaT.Saddam [6-0] !
USA Orc sWc.Perfect [4-0]
USA Night Elf RoS.xiU [4:2]
USA Night Elf nG.Regret [3:2]
World Night Elf B5.Touch [3:2]

Gratz guys!


- For obvious reasons youhave 2 weeks to play these matches (till Jan 3)
- We are Still Looking for admins
- Password upload replay is acdc and failure to upload them will result in PP
- W4 Predictions can be found here !
- We wish everybody in WRL a merry xmas and a happy 2010!
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The 4 Horsemen
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