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 Rock N Roll All nite!

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Rock N Roll All nite! Empty
PostSubject: Rock N Roll All nite!   Rock N Roll All nite! EmptyThu Nov 26, 2009 7:00 pm

Hi everyone, Coca Cola, Intel and some others fake sponsors proudly present Warcraft Rockstars League, the league that rock. Inspired by new WC3L season, we are using the bo7 cw system (With ACE match!!!) and we are gona use same MP (Amazonia and PI ftw!). Anyways, join the league and you are gona feel like a real Rockstar!

Since it´s only 1st season ever, we are not having qualifers, so aplication is very important, the aplication form is the following:

Quote :

How long has your team been playing?
Leagues playing atm
Leagues Played

Managesr Info (hotmail.ICQ,msn,etc)

Rockstars (Roster) w/ Country and Race

Why can you rock this league?

Apply should be send to wc3rl@hotmail.es (<< ES NOT COM), we will take 8 teams into regular season. We are also looking for admins, email the league about that if you feel like a Rockstar admin.

GL HF everybody!

Applied Teams List:

World Riders on the Storm [RoS]
USA Team sC [sC]
World League Stars [Ls]
USA Death and Taxes [DaT]

Are you Ready to Rock?
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Rock N Roll All nite!
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