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 Rockstar Cup #3 shows a new face

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Rockstar Cup #3 shows a new face Empty
PostSubject: Rockstar Cup #3 shows a new face   Rockstar Cup #3 shows a new face EmptyFri Jan 28, 2011 6:22 pm

Another successfully ran Rockstar Cup with an almost full grid of 15/16 players.

Participants of Rockstar Cup #3:

Russia Night Elf TyLoo.Nicker- Champion
France Night Elf LAG.TT.Saturn- Runner-up
Serbia Undead Ls.Virus
Bulgaria Human Floyd
Great Britain Night Elf DkH.Warchiefrich
Serbia Undead eW.Aramachus
France Human nE.Anima
Serbia Night Elf Spork
Brasil Undead Diego
France Night Elf YIP_MAN
Finland Night Elf LaG.TT.Touch
USA Human nE.Ocram
France Night Elf nE.CornoX
USA Undead eW.Gloryfades
Venezuela Random eW.DrunQ

Both finalists had a tough bracket to get to the finals, Russia Night Elf TyLoo.Nicker taking down Serbia Night Elf Spork, Finland Night Elf LaG.TT.Touch and USA Undead eW.Gloryfades. France Night Elf LaG.TT.Saturn taking down Serbia Undead Ls.Virus, Venezuela Random eW.DrunQ and countryman France Night Elf nE.CornoX. But his run fell short in 2 epic matches against Russia Night Elf TyLoo.Nicker on AZ and TS, in which the Champion Russia Night Elf TyLoo.Nicker took the series 2-0. He will be given a spot in our prized solo cup coming soon.

Samael and I would like to thank all the participants for attending the Cup and we look forward to seeing you again next week

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Rockstar Cup #3 shows a new face
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