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 RAGE vs LaG

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RAGE vs LaG Empty
PostSubject: RAGE vs LaG   RAGE vs LaG EmptyFri Dec 10, 2010 2:04 pm

RAGE vs LaG Bannerno
Russia RAGE.eSports [RAGE] vs World Latest and Greatest Gaming [LaG]
12 EST // Yea League Room 02

Korea Night Elf RAGE.LawLiet [2-0] USA Human LaG.TT.AcidRain // Melting Valley

China Orc RAGE.Goblin [2-0] Finland Night Elf LaG.TT.Touch // Secret Valley

USA Undead RAGE.RSM [0-2] Peru Orc LaG.TT.Danger // Ancient Isles

China Undead RAGE.BoC.Bosuhe [1-2] Nederlands Night Elf LaG.TT.Sasuke // Amazonia

China Undead RAGE.BoC.Bosuhe & China Orc RAGE.Goblin [2-FF] USA Human LaG.TT.AcidRain & Canada Night Elf LaG.TT.Regret // Twisted Meadows


Russia RAGE [3-2] World LaG

MV series mutually postponed
World LaG sub in Nederlands Night Elf LaG.TT.Sasuke for Canada Night Elf LaG.TT.Regret

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RAGE vs LaG Empty
PostSubject: Re: RAGE vs LaG   RAGE vs LaG EmptyWed Dec 15, 2010 10:23 pm

its a wonder bidoux didn't try and fix this as well, would have thought the loser would atleast try :/ Bidoux I am dissapoint
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PostSubject: Re: RAGE vs LaG   RAGE vs LaG EmptySat Dec 18, 2010 2:22 pm

Bar 0-2 Lawliet

final score LaG.TT 2-3 Rage

gj guys and congrats for teh first place even tho i would of like to play the 2v2 Sad
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RAGE vs LaG Empty
PostSubject: Re: RAGE vs LaG   RAGE vs LaG Empty

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