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 Everyone is on Fire!

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Everyone is on Fire! Empty
PostSubject: Everyone is on Fire!   Everyone is on Fire! EmptyTue Nov 09, 2010 2:24 am

Everyone is on Fire! Newsm

Hey there guys, we had an AMAZING start in playoff, all teams showed a great form and preparation, i cant tell what match was more interesting.

First we had the underdogs Peru Ls giving USA/Korea A1.MsY a hard time by leading the war 2-0 thanks to an outstanding performance from Belarus Orc Xelsing who won Korea Undead Mephisto in a match that we will for sure remember and then Human Scor pulling a comeback against Human Lucky, but the koreans fought back and took the war 3-2 with a really tuff 2on2 match.

The 2nd war was pretty much the same in terms of entertaiment, the war started really bad for the favourites Germany DkH as the serbian star Night Elf Padash totally outplayed the solid Germany Undead Jinx and World RoS got a defwin on TS series. Then DKH`s best Germany Undead Chris would offrace (in a desicive point!) against USA Undead Flipstar in a nail bitting match where the final score could have ended 3-0 in some seconds, but the german took the point home with a 2-1 score. Later the solid France Human Sub would take on the league MVP nominate Serbia Human Vidoque in another very good match that started 1-0 for the serbian and when everything seemed over, the frenchie pulled a comeback to force a 5th match. Pulling the most memorable comeback in a cw so far in this league, DkH dominated the 2on2 to advance to semis.

Gratz to all 4 teams for the huge level of excitment you gave us this week, this is the reason why WC3 diserves to be played.


Four teams are still in the running, i dont know what to expect at this point, hopefully this week is gonna be even more entertaining than past one.

Russia RAGE vs USA/Korea A1.MsY

Germany DkH vs World LaG

5th Place Match:

These guys have one last time to show us some more awesomeness

World RoS vs Peru Ls


Melting Valley
Plunder Isle 2.0
Turtle Rock
Twisted Meadows
Avalanche (2on2)


- You guys have 2 weeks to play Smile.
- Please notify admins ON TIME about cw times.
- We need PW1 Replays... pass is acdc
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Everyone is on Fire!
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