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 Strawberry Fields Forever

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PostSubject: Strawberry Fields Forever   Strawberry Fields Forever EmptySun Dec 13, 2009 11:28 pm

Hello everybody, last week we had a bussy weekend (ALL CWS) so i apologize for the lack of admins, we are doing our best!

Last week we had a lot of action. Gratz to USA sWc for soloing the 1st place this week after beating World Ls with a strong win, the teams USA DaT and España eTv had a hard time this week beating USA sC and USA nG in some very close cws, but Nederlands Orc ArminvB and USA Human Saddam took the points home for their teams in order to tie the second place. The Chile team also played a nail-bitting match with World RoS, ending with USA Orc xiU throwing away the decisive point against Human Exellent. Last but not least World B5 just "Touched" USA MsY with a crushing 6-1.

This week we have:

USA DaT [6:1] World RoS
Chile CH [7:0] World Ls
USA sC vs USA nG - Sunday 7pm EST @ ???
USA sWc vs World B5 - Sunday 3pm EST @ Neotv Tournament Room
España eTv vs USA MsY


Solo A: Echo Isles / Turtle Rock
Solo B: Secret Valley / Twisted Meadows

2v2: Gnoll Wood / Avalanche

ACE: Acient Isles

Good luck everybody, keep with the great games!


- Upload password is acdc, failure to upload replays will result in PP
- We are still looking for admins, write us to wc3rl@hotmail.es
- Matches must be scheduled before 11:59 of Friday EST time
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Strawberry Fields Forever
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