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 Geh aB Clan [GaB] replaces Team sC

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Geh aB Clan [GaB] replaces Team sC Empty
PostSubject: Geh aB Clan [GaB] replaces Team sC   Geh aB Clan [GaB] replaces Team sC EmptyMon Sep 06, 2010 5:18 pm

Geh aB Clan [GaB] replaces Team sC Newsm

This post comes with both good and bad news. I will start with the bad news, USA Team sC has disbanded their WC3 squad and therefore dropped out of the league. The staff here at WRL are sorry to hear about this bad news but also wish you guys good luck in your future projects, we will miss you guys.

On the other hand, WRL has found a replacement team: Germany Geh aB [GaB] has decided to enjoy the thrill of Rock n Roll and compete in WRL. They are no doubt a strong team and will fight hard for #1. Germany GaB will keep the points left from USA sC and will have their penalty points reset to 0.

Russia RAGE vs Germany GaB will have an entension to this week. GLHF

As for the last playweek this week. Many teams have failed to schedule their wars, This is very sad news. Teams please make sure to schedule your unplayed wars and get points to get into playoffs. We will not hound you to play your games. If you do not schedule, you will not get points to make the playoffs, it's as simple as that. With 6 more weeks to go almost it's impossible to say ANY team is guaranteed in the playoffs. So get those matches played! Very Happy

Pending Matches:

Russia RAGE vs Germany GaB - unscheduled
France SGi vs World LaG - unscheduled
World enS vs Russia SQK - unscheduled
Argentina Night Elf Ls.Hawks & Peru Orc Ls.Paranoid [0-0] USA Night Elf Mario & Russia Orc bomjara // Lost Temple
USA Undead Beast [0-0] Sweeden Orc Beatbox // Turtle Rock
USA Night Elf ReseT & USA Night Elf Mog[Skynet] [0-0] Germany Night Elf Invade & Sweeden Orc Beatbox // Turtle Rock

All pending matches that end up finishing MUST be posted in THIS post for it to be counted.

Week 7 Matches:

Germany DkH vs Great Britain Nio - unscheduled
Korea A1.MsY vs World RoS - unscheduled
Peru Ls vs World LaG - unscheduled
USA nG vs Russia SQK - unscheduled
France SGi vs Germany GaB - unscheduled
Russia RAGE vs World enS - unscheduled

W7 Maps:

Ancient Isles
Echo Isles
Melting Valley
Plunder Isles 2.0
Turtle Rock (2v2)


- Germany GaB replaced USA sC
- Germany GaB vs Russia RAGE // extension
- Remember to schedule all wars before Friday 23:59 EST
- Replay upload pass is acdc
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Geh aB Clan [GaB] replaces Team sC
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