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PostSubject: Number of the Beast   Number of the Beast EmptyMon Aug 30, 2010 7:35 pm

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Six weeks on the road with bunch of surprises and entertaining matches here and there. Id like to congratulate most of the managers and admins for a great job so far. Lets continue it


TBH i have no fucking clue about this, but whatever your team has to play, you have till sunday to get rid of it.

W6 Matches:

sC vs RAGE - extension/ unschedualed
RoS [3-0] nG
DKH [4-1] A1.MsY
SGi vs LaG - unschedualed
enS vs SQK - unschedualed
Ls [3-1] Nio

W6 Maps:

Turtle Rock
Echo Isles
Secret Valley
Twisted Meadows
Lost Temple (2on2)


- Dont forget GC has been replaced with PI2
- Remember to schedule all wars before Friday 23:59 EST
- Replay upload pass is acdc
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Number of the Beast
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