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 [W5] nG vs. DkH

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[W5] nG vs. DkH Empty
PostSubject: [W5] nG vs. DkH   [W5] nG vs. DkH EmptySun Aug 29, 2010 5:05 pm

[W5] nG vs. DkH Bannerno
USA Nightmare Gaming [nG] vs Germany Deutschlands kranke Horde [DkH]
Sunday 20 CET // YEA League Room 02

USA Human Flame[Skynet] [0-2] Sweeden Night Elf GE.ZoZ // Terenas Stand

USA Undead GnR [2-1] Germany Human GE.Sub // Ancient Isle

USA Night Elf Mog[Skynet] [0-2] Germany Undead GE.Fly // Plunder Isle

USA Undead Beast [0-2] Germany Undead JinX // Twisted Meadows

USA Undead GnR & USA Night Elf Mog[Skynet] [0-2] Germany Orc JinX & Germany Human GE.Sub // Gnoll Wood


USA nG [1-4] Germany DkH

Admin: USA WRL.Beast


USA nG subs in Undead Beast for Orc August
0.5pp for Germany DkH for not playing submitted race for G1 of PI 2.0 Series.
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[W5] nG vs. DkH
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