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 We Gettin' Arab Monay!

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We Gettin' Arab Monay! Empty
PostSubject: We Gettin' Arab Monay!   We Gettin' Arab Monay! EmptyTue Aug 24, 2010 5:08 pm

We Gettin' Arab Monay! Moz-screenshot-8We Gettin' Arab Monay! Moz-screenshot-9
We Gettin' Arab Monay! Newsm

So, it's official, the prize pool for the WRL Season 3 will be 50$.

This prize is also subject to increase but as of now 50$ is up for grabs Very Happy

I hope this motivates all the teams competing to take this league a little more seriously and to schedual and play this weeks matches as well as any further pending matches, every point is CRUCIAL !
(i also love run-on sentences)

Remember, the top 6 teams will make the playoffs this season which leaves 6 other teams to fall below the waist band. So play all your matches and try to squeeze as many points as you can to get a seat in the playoffs Very Happy

Well, thats about all the news i can think of as of now. Remember to schedual your matches for this week and finish any other pending matches your team may have. Remember keep the matches clean and mannered.

Good Luck to all and happy gaming Very Happy

- Canada WRL.Bidoux


-Prize Pool is now 50$ (subject to increase)

-Only the top 6 teams advance to the playoffs

-Glaciar Currents has been removed in the mappool and replaced by Plunder Isles 2.0

-Schedual and play your matches and get your team in the playoffs!
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We Gettin' Arab Monay!
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