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 [W2] nG vs. enS

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[W2] nG vs. enS Empty
PostSubject: [W2] nG vs. enS   [W2] nG vs. enS EmptySun Aug 15, 2010 2:02 pm

[W2] nG vs. enS Bannerno
USA Nightmare Gaming [nG] vs World enSure Yuuto Gaming [enS]
Sunday 8-15 //****

USA Human Flame[Skynet] [2-1] Night Elf RightNow // Terenas Stand

USA Undead GnR [0-2] Night Elf Orcbaby // Secret Valley

USA Undead Beast [0-2] Night Elf WarchiefRich // Amazonia

Canada Undead Symba [0-0] Night Elf Pasha // Turtle Rock

USA Human Flame[Skynet] & USA Night Elf Mog[Skynet] [0-0] Night Elf WarchiefRich & Undead Chernorizec // Lost Temple


USA nG [0-0] World enS

Admin: USA WRL.Beast

Mutually postpone TR series.

USA nG WC 2's
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[W2] nG vs. enS
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