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 If you want blood (you´ve got it)

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If you want blood (you´ve got it) Empty
PostSubject: If you want blood (you´ve got it)   If you want blood (you´ve got it) EmptySun Dec 06, 2009 7:47 pm

First. i would like to wellcome World B5, Chile CH and USA nG into the league in replacement of World enS, Poland VPG and China dbnk. These guys are all with 0-7 in 1st round so it wont be easy at all, but im sure u guys will fight hard!

Im gona remember everybody, there are NO subcards or wildcards, come un dude, there are only 7 games, also the ACE player doesnt go on LU.

After a hard start i hope to see more blood this week, matches are:

World RoS [3:4] Chile CH - Sat 8:30 EST
USA sC [3:4] USA DaT - Sun 2pm EST
USA sWc [5:2] World Ls - Sat 6pm EST
España eTv [4:3] USA nG
USA MsY [1:6] World B5 - Sun 2pm EST



Solo A: Twisted Meadows / Amazonia
Solo B: Echo Isles / Terenas Stand
2v2: Goldshire / Avalanche
ACE: Plunder Isle 2.0


- Psike is working on updates in TPs and B-Reports of this week, plz be patient
- Replay upload password is acdc, USA sWc and España eTv didnt upload reps of the 1st cw, it´s ok since the other teams left the league but plz upload reps this time
- You can use schedule forums if BRs not done, both managers should confirm @ forum when cw scheduled so an admin can be there
- WC3RL is looking for admins, if you are interested just email us (wc3rl@hotmail.es)
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If you want blood (you´ve got it)
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