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 Week 2- LaG vs DkH

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Week 2- LaG vs DkH Empty
PostSubject: Week 2- LaG vs DkH   Week 2- LaG vs DkH EmptySat Aug 07, 2010 4:33 am

Week 2- LaG vs DkH Bannerno
World Latest and Greatest GaminG [LaG] vs Germany Deutschlands kranke Horde [DkH]
Saturday 1200 EST / 1800 CET // WCL league room

Germany Night Elf ZoZ [0-2] Guatemala Human LaG.Cool // Terenas Stand

Germany Undead JinX [1-2] World Orc LaG.Tox // Secret Valley

Germany Undead DkH.Chris [1-2] Greek Undead LaG.Brett // Amazonia

Germany Human Sub [0-2] Mexico Human Raspot // Turtle Rock

Germany Undead JinX & Germany Human Sub [2-0] Great Britain Night Elf LaG.Yoked & Greek Undead LaG.Brett // Lost Temple


World LaG [4-1] Germany DkH

Admin: Canada WRL.Bidoux

Germany DkH WC Amazonia series // moved to next playweek
World LaG Sub in USA LaG.Yoked for Great Britain Human LaG.Hamster
World LaG receives .5 PP for badmanner by Greek LaG.Brett
Germany DkH receives 1 PP for badmanner by Germany DkH.Chris
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Week 2- LaG vs DkH
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