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Hey there, congratulations to all teams that scheduled and played their matches on time, sadly there are some that just couldnt. This week i will be absent (Camping : D) so dont count on me, hopefully the guys will take care of everything.


- World RoS [0-5] France SGi
- Russia SQK [2-3] USA sC - Saturday 1400 EST/ 2000 CET
- DkH vs Ls 2s - PP

W2 Matches:

France SGi [FF-5] Russia RAGE - Saturday 11:00 EST/ 17:00 CET // XP league room
Peru Ls vs USA sC - Sunday 1500 EST/ 2100 CET
World LaG [3-1] Germany DkH - Saturday 1200 EST/ 1800 CET
World enS vs USA nG - unschedualed
World RoS vs Europe Nio - unschedualed
USA/Korea A1.MsY vs Russia SQK - monday 09:00 EST/ 1500 CET

W2 Maps:

Terenas Stand
Secret Valley
Turtle Rock
Lost Temple (2on2)


- Specially this week, notify admins ON TIME for cws

- Replay upload password is acdc, teams that played their wars un sunday have till today 23:59 EST to upload reps.

- All matches must be scheduled by Friday 23:59 EST

- Make your predictions here
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A Kind of Magic
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