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PostSubject: The Best of You   The Best of You EmptyMon Jul 26, 2010 12:41 am

The Best of You Newsm

Hello, we will finally start with the third season and it looks very promissing. Sadly, B.EV has disbanded their wc3 squad, so The Best of You 756134 Ls will take their place. There are still some changes to be done on website, we will work on it asap. Also, due to the scandal with Russia BWC, they have decided to drop out of WRL and have been replaced by Europe Nio.

Heres our 1st Playweek:

The Best of You 835987 sC vs The Best of You 19939 SQK (Will Fade carry again!?)
The Best of You 19939 RAGE [3-4] The Best of You 686158 A1.MsY - Thursday 15 CET
The Best of You 835987 nG [1-4] Europe Nio
The Best of You 756134 Ls [2-2] The Best of You 306891 DkH - Sunday 18 CET
The Best of You 987319 enS [2-2] The Best of You 987319 LaG - Sunday 13 EST / 19 CET
The Best of You 987319 RoS [0-5] The Best of You 994531 SGi - Sunday 21 CET


Twisted Meadows
Echo Isles
Acient Isles
Glaciar Currents
Avalanche (2on2)


- Remember GC has been added to the map pool replacing PI2
- All matches must be scheduled before friday 23:59 EST
- We┬┤ve decided not to keep pps from qualifiers, but please be sure to upload replays on time for the regular season, password is acdc
- Remember to notify the admin staff on time about cws
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The Best of You
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