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PostSubject: LA Woman   LA Woman EmptyThu Jun 24, 2010 10:57 pm

Hello everyone, this is the list of applicants (not accepted yet) so far:

LA Woman 835987 EsG
LA Woman 987319 SGi (International)
LA Woman 19939 Muse (No Belarus flag, srry)
LA Woman 987319 LaG
LA Woman 119121 GFO (No Poland flag, srry)
LA Woman 19939 RPro
LA Woman 987319 Ls
LA Woman 987319 enS
LA Woman 246641 Agfox
LA Woman 145689 SeG
LA Woman 19939 BWC.aG
LA Woman 377938 A1.MSY
LA Woman 119121 Nio
LA Woman 835987 HH

The teams LA Woman 994531 SGi, LA Woman 987319 RoS and LA Woman 835987 nG confirmed their participation in qualifiers, good luck everybody!

Notes: We are checking email twice a day, if you applied and your team is not listed here after 5h, please contact an an admin.
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LA Woman
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