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PostSubject: Wind of Change   Wind of Change EmptyMon Jun 21, 2010 4:12 pm

Just a few mins ago Wind of Change 306891 DkH took down the defending champion Wind of Change 119121 B.EV with a convincing 4-1 to claim the gold medal,sincere congratulations to the new champions for such a great performance this season and hope to see you again for next one. Also gratz to sC.Legend for grabbing the MVP tittle.

I would like to thank the whole admin staff for helping me running the league and all the managers (specially Ecrop and Fade) for their effort to have a great season, love ya all.

Now, lets talk about the future; like i said before, we are changing the match format to the oldest WC3L one, thats right x4 bo3 1v1 series played by dif players and a 2on2 series played by either same players from solo, others or a mix. We are going to work on the website this week and launch next season qualifiers on monday.

Season 3 Qualifiers:

We are accepting 13 (+ 3 autoinvited) teams into s3 qualifiers and proceeding with a double-elimination bracket to determine the 4 teams advancing to regular season

Qualifier Autoinvited Teams:

- Wind of Change 994531 SGi (ex H5)
- Wind of Change 835987 nG
- Wind of Change 987319 RoS

I need this teams to send an updated team profile to league email as a confirmation they are playing the qualifiers.

Application Form:

Teams must complete this form and send it to wc3rl@hotmail.es (its ES and not COM):

-Team Name and TAG:
-Team Wesbtie:
-Achievements (Team and Individual):
-Past league experience:
- Why can you rock this league?
- Managers info (Country,GGC Acc,msn,ICQ,etc)
- Roster (GGC account, country and race)

Notes/Dont forget/Hints:

- All fields are needed
- English please
- We wont accept any attached pre-made team application, please take your time to write an application or we wont read it
- Please dont use any sort of images
- We will check everything listed on the application, be carefull.
- Be sure to send the application to the right email adress, please dont send any to my personal email

Application period will end Friday 23:59 EST time, tomorrow ill post a a list of received application and we will keep it updated from there on, but try to apply asap. Good luck to everyone and i hope to have an even better s3!

Feel free to ask any questions here.
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Wind of Change
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