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PostSubject: Bad Company   Bad Company EmptyTue Jun 15, 2010 8:12 pm

The mighty forces of Europe B.EV leaded by Bad Company 35353 Orc Naama crushed playoff 1st seed Bad Company 19939 SQK with a clean 4-0, managing to defend their championship against the solid Bad Company 306891 DkH, who showed up a great performance by destroying the revengue dreams of s1 runner up Bad Company 835987 sC droping only 1 map.

The final clash will be shoutcasted live via livestream and will be an action packed battle for sure, featuring some of the best european amateur players.

Season 2 Finals:

Bad Company 119121 B.EV vs Bad Company 306891 DkH

The losers from past week will also play a final war to decide the last team to be added into our Hall of Fame.

3rd Place Match:

Bad Company 835987 sC vs Bad Company 19939 SQK

Maps (for both wars)

Solo A: EI/TM
Solo B: AI/PI2
2on2: TR/AV


- Shoutcast detailed information will be published as soon as finals are scheduled
- Next season application period will begin next sunday
- Teams have to schedule before Thursday 23:59 EST
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PostSubject: Re: Bad Company   Bad Company EmptyThu Jun 17, 2010 7:21 pm

sunday 2 pm est we play
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Bad Company
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