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 Stone Cold Crazy

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PostSubject: Stone Cold Crazy   Stone Cold Crazy EmptySun Jun 06, 2010 11:31 am

Playoff, where champions are made. Stone Cold Crazy 119121 B.EV managed to take 3 points from the regular season winner Stone Cold Crazy 19939 SQK to replace Stone Cold Crazy 994531 H5 into playoff in order to defend the title. Let the fun begin!

Season 2 Semifinals:

Stone Cold Crazy 19939 SQK vs Stone Cold Crazy 119121 B.EV
Stone Cold Crazy 835987 sC vs Stone Cold Crazy 306891 DkH


Solo A: AZ/TR
Solo B: SV/MV
2on2: TM/GW

Season 2 MVP:

Gratz to Stone Cold Crazy 835987 Stone Cold Crazy 70816 sC.Legend who was voted the seasons most valuable player, he will be included in our Rock n Roll Hall of Fame as the rockstar he is, also gratz to Stone Cold Crazy 306891 Stone Cold Crazy 70816 Jinx and Stone Cold Crazy 19939 Stone Cold Crazy 459763 Comunism for an excelent season.

Season 3:

We┬┤ve decided to go for the old WC3L format (x4 1v1 bo3 and x1 2v2 bo3), we will start accepting applications next week, stay tunned.


- Upcoming wars will be posted at front page Smile
- Playoff matches must be scheduled by Friday 23:59 EST
- All playoff teams are autoinvited to s3
- Replay upload password is acdc
- Predictions are enabled here
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Stone Cold Crazy
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