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 emoTive e-Sports ClubClan[eTv]

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emoTive e-Sports ClubClan[eTv] Empty
PostSubject: emoTive e-Sports ClubClan[eTv]   emoTive e-Sports ClubClan[eTv] EmptyMon Nov 30, 2009 7:45 pm

Clan Name: emoTive e-Sports ClubClan
Clan Tag: eTv
Clan Website: http://www.emotive2009.com/
Clan Country: España

Managers Info

Head Manager

Name: Luis " F10EX" Faria
Email: F10EX@hotmail.com
MSN: F10EX@hotmail.com

Assistant Manager

Name: Michael " DSAO " Rebn
Garena: DSAO
Email: milkacamel@gmail.com
MSN: milkacamel@gmail.com

Assistant Manager

Name: Sergio " Calvin " Messaoudi
Garena: rG^Calvin!
Email: sergiomess@hotmail.com
MSN: sergiomess@hotmail.com


Portugal Random F10EX
France Undead Artmesser - Barred till W5
España Orc tDarka
España Orc DoKy
España Undead Calvin
World Undead Shadai
China Undead Drow
Human Daaj /dujskan
España Human ArChie
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emoTive e-Sports ClubClan[eTv] Empty
PostSubject: Re: emoTive e-Sports ClubClan[eTv]   emoTive e-Sports ClubClan[eTv] EmptyThu Dec 24, 2009 9:41 am

plz, delete rG.saturn, rG .scor ,rG.venom , Arminvb and Rain plz Wink
and add

Artmesser :undead: france
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emoTive e-Sports ClubClan[eTv]
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