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 Hotel California

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PostSubject: Hotel California   Hotel California EmptyMon Apr 05, 2010 4:36 pm

Hello everyone, we had some troubles scheduling matches last week due to holidays, so teams will have till friday 23:59 EST to play remaining wars / series.

Week 2:

Team 1ScoreTeam 2AdminDate
Hotel California 835987 W3FC [3-4]Hotel California 987319 AssimixSamaelTBA
Hotel California 835987 nG [?-?]Hotel California 835987 DaT -----TBA
Hotel California 987319 RoS[0-7]Hotel California 306891 DkH -----Sat 13 EST
Hotel California 19939 SQK[7-0]Hotel California 994531 H5 SamaelSun 16 CET
Hotel California 119121 B5 [1-6]Hotel California 835987 sCSamaelSun 2:30 EST


Hotel California 987319 Assimix [3:4] Hotel California 835987 sC - Mon 7pm EST
Hotel California 987319 RoS [2:5] Hotel California 835987 nG - Tues 5pm EST
Hotel California 835987 W3FC [0:7] Hotel California 19939 SQK - Unscheduled

W2 Maps:

Solo A: AI / TR
Solo B: TS / SV
2on2: Goldshire / TM


- Replay upload password is acdc
- WRL is still looking for admins
- Please remember all matches must be scheduled by friday 23:59 EST
- Please post scheduled time on forums so admins can attend to wars
- The full season schedule is now available
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Hotel California
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