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PostSubject: Coming Home   Coming Home EmptySun Mar 28, 2010 6:57 pm

Time to start Warcraft Rockstars League season 2! but before i would like to give the season 1 "Most Valuable Manager" tittle to Coming Home 835987 MrWest from DaT for an awesome job during regular season and his outstanding dedication to this league (honorable mention to Ecrop from B5 and Fade from sC, <3!).

In this first week im sure we are gona have a lot of fun with the last season winner Coming Home 119121 B5 facing the powerhouse Coming Home 306891 DkH, and some other cool matches!

Week 1 Matches:

Team 1ScoreTeam 2AdminDate
Coming Home 835987 W3FC [0-4]Coming Home 19939 SQKTBATBA
Coming Home 835987 nG [0-0]Coming Home 987319 RoSTBATBA
Coming Home 987319 Assimix[0-0]Coming Home 835987 sCTBATBA
Coming Home 835987 DaT[3-4]Coming Home 994531 H5 ---Done
Coming Home 119121 B5 [3-4]Coming Home 306891 DkH ---Done

W1 Maps:

Solo A: Amazonia / Echo Isles
Solo B: Secret Valley / Melting Valley
2on2: Lost Temple / Avalanche
ACE: Acient Isles


- Teams can add players till today (Sunday) 23:59 EST without barrage
- Replay upload password is ACDC
- We decided to give all teams 3 Subcards for the whole season, NO Wild Cards
- All matches must be scheduled by Friday 23:59 EST
- All scheduled times must be confirmed by both parties at forums to avoid troubles
- Week 1 Predictions are enabled here!
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Coming Home
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