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 Love me do

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PostSubject: Love me do   Love me do EmptyMon Mar 22, 2010 9:52 pm

Qualifiers last week guys, gratz to W3FC/GE/H5 for getting into WRL s2 Love me do Icon_smile, good luck to everbody and may the best teams get into the season, these are do-or-die wars!

Qualifiers Final Week:

Love me do 835987 Skyz vs Love me do 19939 SQK - Results?
Love me do 987319 RoS [4:2] Love me do 987319 APM - Saturday 21 CET @ Neotv tournament Room
Love me do 987319 Assmix[E] [4:0] Love me do 835987 MsY - Thursday 21 EST @ PCGL 03

QW2 Matches:

Love me do 835987 Skyz [7:F] Love me do 987319 eSr (has to be played by thursday 23:50 EST)

QW3 Maps:

2on2: GS/TM


- Winners of this round will get into regular season while losers are out.
- Replay upload password is acdc
- We are still looking for another admin
- All matches must be scheduled by Friday 23:59 EST
- Dont forget that diference between EST and CET is now 5h instead of 6
- Regular season will start next week; allready qualified teams please update your rosters this week via email/post on tps!

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PostSubject: Re: Love me do   Love me do EmptyTue Mar 23, 2010 10:09 am

APM vs RoS again? how did this bracket work?
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Love me do
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