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 Highway Star!!

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PostSubject: Highway Star!!   Highway Star!! EmptyMon Nov 30, 2009 12:46 pm

Hell ye! WRL Season 1 has just begun with the following matches:

USA MsY [2:5] World RoS - Saturday 4pm EST - Here
Poland VPG [0:7] World rG - Wendsday 20 CET 2/12/09 - Here
World enS [0:7] USA sWc - Here
World Ls vs USA sC - Sunday at 21 CET/15 EST - Here
USA DaT vs China dbnk - Sunday 2:03 pm EST - Here


Maps are:

1v1 A: Turtle Rock / Acient Isles
1v1 B: Secret Valley / Plunder Isle

2v2: Gnoll Wood / Twisted Meadows

ACE: Twisted Meadows

Good Luck, have sex & make rock!


- We would like to say sorry to teams who applied a bit late since the ap period was VERY short, but next season it will be longer and better organized and we would love to see your aplications again

- Remember to upload all replays your team won, pass is acdc, failure to do so will result in PP

- Remember to send LU w/ races and that ACE match player should be anounced to admin right before the match, the League emial is wc3rl@hotmail.ES

- Team profiles will be completed in a few hours, srry.

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PostSubject: Re: Highway Star!!   Highway Star!! EmptyWed Dec 02, 2009 10:12 am

rG vs VPG @ WEDNESDAY 20 CET 2/12/09
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Highway Star!!
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