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 = WRL Oficial Rules =

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Warcraft Rockstars League Oficial Rules

1- WC3RL

1- The WRL is a free singup Warcraft 3 international team league with a 50$ Prize
2- League Owner is = WRL Oficial Rules = 361873 Samael
3- The league format is the old WC3L one
4- Any team from any nation or skill level can apply for the league
5- Oficial league mail is wc3rl@hotmail.es
6- League staff can be found here

2- The Teams

1- Roster must consist of at least four (4) players from any nation and age.
2- A Team Manager is responsable for his/her Team
3- Roster maximun size is 15
4- Every player must have a GGC account
5- Roster changes are done via email and new players will be barred for a playweek (they cant play)
6- Double taging and fake nicking are forgiven here and will result in a BAN

3- Competition System

- Regular Season will consist of 12 teams playing into 2 groups of 6
- Top 3 teams from each group will advance to playoff (In case of tie, whoever won to each other will advance)
- Playoff format is a single elimination bracket

4- Scheduling

1- Managers are responsable of scheduling clan wars
2- Teams must schedule their weekly matches before 11:59 EST of Playweeks Friday
3- If a team does not try to schedule by that time,that team will lose the cw
4- If none of the teams try to schedule, the match ends 0-0
5- If the teams cant come to an agreement, they must notify an admin inmediatly
6- Both team managers should post in scheduling forum the scheduled time or at least some aproximation

5-Line Ups

1- Managers are responsable of sending LU
2- LUs must be send to league mail at least 30 mins before the start of cw
3- LUs canot be changed after they r published on website
4- Late Lu will result in PP
5- Not sending LU by the time cw starts will result in FF
6- LUs will be published on main page 20 mins before cw starts
7- Players race should be send in LU
-8 The Race that is given in the lineup can be changed at any time during any match of the war

Example of LU:

TM - = WRL Oficial Rules = 70816 TeD
EI - = WRL Oficial Rules = 459763 Infi
SV - = WRL Oficial Rules = 459763 Sky
AI - = WRL Oficial Rules = 55915 Suho
AV (2v2) - :ud TeD + = WRL Oficial Rules = 603765 Like

5- Clan Wars:

1- Cws are played under old WC3L format (x4 1v1 series bo3 and a 2on2 series bo3 aswell)
2- The winner of a cw is the team who takes 3 points, but all matches must be played
3- Solo maps must be played by 4 diferent players and 2on2 can be played by same players of solo, others or a mix.
4- The time between series is 5 mins, if the player doesnt join when game hosted for longer than 5 mins, series will result in ff
5- Teams should play 1st match withing a max of 10 mins after starting time
6- An admin should be present in every cw but it´s not needed
7 - Each team receives 3 subcards for the whole season that allows them to change the player of a series (bo3)
8- Each team receives 3 Wildcards for the whole season that allows them to pospone a match for next playweek
9- If the player is not notified present then either the managers must agree that its ok if they are late or a Wildcard or Subcard must be used. If no card is used and the managers do not have an agreement, the other team is eligible to take a FF win.
10- After the 1st Match in a series, players have the option to veto 1 map from map pool

6- Replays:

1- Managers are responsible for making sure their teams replays are saved and uploaded.
2- Managers must upload every replay won by their team to the replay database on the site.
3- Teams have 24hs to upload respective replays , failure to do so will result in PP.

6- Hosting and RMKs

1- Def host will be determined by admin
2- Each team should bring their own host to avoid troubles
3- RMK in case of lag will be given before the 2mins mark
4- In case of Disconect, the decission of giving the rmk or not is on the admin
5- In case of lag after 2 mins of game, players can save the game

7- Penalty Points

PPs are given this way:

0.5 PP in case of low BM,forfeiting a map,missing replay, not puting race on LU or late line up

1 PP in case of forfeiting a series or flaming an admin / hardcore flaming

5pp in case of forfeiing a cw / not sending LU

- Any admin is capable of giving pps for different reasons if he/she thinks it should be done
- Teams with more than 6 PPs will get banned from current season and next one

That´s it

- When applying for the league, teams are acepting the rules .
- If you find any mistakes or have any suggestions contact the staff
- If something is not listed or specified here doesnt mean that you can abuse it king
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= WRL Oficial Rules =
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