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 [5th Place Match] Ls vs RoS

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PostSubject: [5th Place Match] Ls vs RoS   Thu Nov 11, 2010 7:58 pm

Peru League Star [Ls] vs Riders on the Storm [RoS]
Sunday Nov 11th 20 CET // YEA League Room 02

Russia Orc Luckyy [0-2] Flipstar // Twisted Meadows

Argentina Undead Gatzu [0-2] Vidoque // Turtle Rock

Russia Orc Spor [1-2] USA Undead Gloryfades // Plunder Isle 2.0

World Random xxxx [0-0] World Random xxxx // Melting Valley

World Random xxxx & World Random xxxx [0-0] World Random xxxx & World Random xxxx // Avalanche


Peru Ls 0-3 RoS

Admin: WRL.Samel


- Gratz to World RoS for finishing 5th in WRL s3
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[5th Place Match] Ls vs RoS
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