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 [Playoff W1] A1.MsY vs Ls

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PostSubject: [Playoff W1] A1.MsY vs Ls   Sun Oct 31, 2010 9:52 am

All For One.Micro Society [A1.MSY] vs Peru League Star [Ls]
Sunday Oct 31th 15 CET // YEA League Room 02

A.1st_Citanul [2-F] Russia Undead Frenz // Echo Isles

A.1st_Lucky [1-2] Belarus Human Scor // Secret Valley

Undead Mephisto [0-2] Belarus Orc Xelsing // Acient Isles

Undead Qoo [2-0] Korea Night Elf Ken // Terenas Stand

A.1st_Xo6Fire & A.1st_Lucky [2-1] Russia Orc Dead & Belarus Orc Scor // Turtle Rock


USA/Korea A1.MsY [3-2] Peru Ls

Admin: Venezuela WRL.Samel


- Gratz to USA/Korea A1.MsY for advancing to semifinals
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[Playoff W1] A1.MsY vs Ls
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