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 Nightmare Gaming takes a shift of heart

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PostSubject: Nightmare Gaming takes a shift of heart   Tue Sep 21, 2010 8:32 pm

Sad news is upon us as it appears that USA Nightmare Gaming [nG] has disbanded their wc3 team and therefore have made it official that they will be leaving the league. While USA Beast will remain intact with the WRL staff, his team will be dearly missed and we would like to thank all the players and of course the nG staff for their hard dedication to this league. Lets not also forget their entertaining matches we were able to witness.

Good Luck with your future projects and of course Have Fun Smile

USA nG will not be replaced with another team this season and the remaining matches they had vs Germany GaB, Russia RAGE and Russia SQK, France Virus and World LaG will be forfeited. Each of those teams will receive a 5-0 victory in return.
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Nightmare Gaming takes a shift of heart
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