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 RAGE.eSports [RAGE]

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PostSubject: RAGE.eSports [RAGE]   Thu Jul 15, 2010 2:27 pm

Team Name: Russia RAGE.eSports
Website: http://www.esc-rage.com/

Head Manager: Canada RAGE.Bidoux
Country: Canada Canada
-MSN: rickyr_10@hotmail.com
-Garena: RAGE.Bidoux

Assistant Managers:

Russia RAGE.Screamo
-MSN: rage.screamo@hotmail.com
-ICQ: 440318803
-Garena: RAGE.Screamo

Russia RAGE.FoXy
Country: Belarus RAGE.Foxy
-MSN: foxymale@mail.ru
-Garena: RAGE.Foxy

League Information:
Sub cards: 3
Wild Cards: 3
Penalty Points: 0


kazikstan Human RAGE.VeryB1gMan
China Human BoC.RAGE.WP
Russia Human RAGE.GravuD
Ukraine Undead RAGE.Bly4eg
Russia Undead RAGE.Niam
China Undead BoC.RAGE.Bosuhe
France Undead RAGE.KraV
France Undead RAGE.LiL
China Orc RAGE.E3.Blast
China Orc RAGE.e3.Wulin
China Orc BoC.RAGE.Gyy
China Orc BoC.RAGE.Goblin
Korea Orc RAGE.WhO
EspaƱa Orc RAGE.Mack
kazikstan Night Elf Evanesnce)
Croatia Night Elf Huang_Feng
China Night Elf BoC.RAGE.xixi
USA Night Elf LongWalk
Ukraine Night Elf RAGE.Foggy
Korea Night Elf RAGE.LawLiet

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RAGE.eSports [RAGE]
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