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 League Star [Ls]

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PostSubject: League Star [Ls]   League Star [Ls] EmptySun Jun 27, 2010 5:33 pm

Team Name: League of star
Team Tag: Ls
Team Country: internacional
Team Website: http://clanls.enjin.com/
Contact Information

Head Manager: Ls.Psike
GGc ID: Ls.Psike
Email: ludoprigam@hotmail.com
MSN: ludoprigam@hotmail.com

Manager: Ls.Chaos
GGc ID: Ls.Chaos
Email: focus_waves@hotmail.com
MSN: focus_waves@hotmail.com

League Information:
Sub cards: 3
Wild Cards: 3
Penalty Points: 0


Undead Russia Ls.Frenz
Undead Korea Ls.Bisu
Undead Argentina  Ls.Gatzu
Undead Peru Ls.Psike
Orc Peru Ls.Paranoid
Orc Russia Ls.Spor
Orc Russia Ls.Lucky
Orc Russia Ls.Deadlift
Orc Belarus Ls.Xelsing
Orc World  Ls.Shofal 
Orc World  Ls.Corruptus
Night Elf World Ls.Gos
Night Elf  Korea Ls.Ken
Orc Korea  Ls.Music
Orc Korea  Ls.Azure
Human Peru Ls.Daenler
Human Belarus Ls.Scor


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League Star [Ls]
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