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 Never-Ionix [Nio]

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PostSubject: Never-Ionix [Nio]   Never-Ionix [Nio] EmptySun Jun 27, 2010 3:07 pm

Team Name: Never-Ionix [Nio] 119121 Never-Ionix [Nio]

Head Manager: Great Britain Nio)Deranging
Country: United Kingdom
MSN: Deranging@hotmail.co.uk
Email: Deranging@hotmail.co.uk
Garena Account: Deranging

Assistant Manager: World Nio)CantChew
Country: New Zealand
MSN/Email: rohan164@hotmail.com
Garena: Nio)CantChew

Assistant Manager: Finland Nio)Touch
MSN: tatu90.saarinen@kolumbus.fi

League Information:
Sub cards: 3
Wild Cards: 3
Penalty Points: 0


Never-Ionix [Nio] 835987 Never-Ionix [Nio] 55915 Nio|Aes
Never-Ionix [Nio] 35353 Never-Ionix [Nio] 55915 Lessarn
Never-Ionix [Nio] 994531 Never-Ionix [Nio] 55915 ^ANkO^
Never-Ionix [Nio] 621146 Never-Ionix [Nio] 55915 Nio)Duck
Finland Night Elf Nio)Touch
Russia Night Elf Bomjara-
Never-Ionix [Nio] 847953 Never-Ionix [Nio] 55915 Nio)SeV
Never-Ionix [Nio] 835987 Never-Ionix [Nio] 55915 Nio)Mario
Never-Ionix [Nio] 835987 Never-Ionix [Nio] 55915 Nio)Hurricane
World Never-Ionix [Nio] 603765 Nio)Bishonen
Never-Ionix [Nio] 35353 Never-Ionix [Nio] 603765 capu

Never-Ionix [Nio] 756134 Never-Ionix [Nio] 603765 Nio)Leyend
Never-Ionix [Nio] 584179 Never-Ionix [Nio] 459763 Aggression
Never-Ionix [Nio] 621146 Never-Ionix [Nio] 459763 Deranging
Ukraine Human gQp.919
Never-Ionix [Nio] 621146 Never-Ionix [Nio] 459763 Nimzoh
Never-Ionix [Nio] 835987 Never-Ionix [Nio] 70816 RP|Pure
Never-Ionix [Nio] 306891 Never-Ionix [Nio] 70816 Nio)Veeper
USA Random WCR)Orange

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Never-Ionix [Nio]
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