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 Achilles Last Stand

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PostSubject: Achilles Last Stand   Achilles Last Stand EmptySat Jun 05, 2010 5:54 pm

Yo guys this is it, Season 2 comes to an end with a totally on-song SQK leading the scoreboard followed by sC and DkH who ffd their last war. the 4th spot is taken by H5 since they won nG. But there is one war left featuring the defending champions B.EV against the season leader SQK, the champions need at least 3 points to replace H5 in playoff.

To be done:

Achilles Last Stand 19939 SQK vs Achilles Last Stand 119121 B.EV - Sunday 14 CET @ ????


Achilles Last Stand 19939 SQK - 26
Achilles Last Stand 835987 sC - 23
Achilles Last Stand 306891 DkH - 20
Achilles Last Stand 994531 H5 - 15
Achilles Last Stand 835987 nG - 15
Achilles Last Stand 119121 B.EV - 13
Achilles Last Stand 987319 RoS - 13

MVP Nominations:

We have 3 candidates for the s2 most valuable player title:

Achilles Last Stand 19939 Achilles Last Stand 459763 SQK.Comunism
Achilles Last Stand 835987 Achilles Last Stand 70816 sC.Legend
Achilles Last Stand 306891 Achilles Last Stand 70816 DkH.Jinx

Winner will be anounced soon!

Season 3 coming soon!

Im pleased to anounce that we are doing another season, a lot of things will be changing including league format and Map Pool. More details will be anounced soon.

All teams from s2 are auto-invited to s3 qualifiers and playoff teams allready have a spot in the next regular season.
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Achilles Last Stand
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